It's time for a couple of geography lessons from your instructor Philip H. Anselmo, as the frontman hilariously offers more promotional videos hyping his upcoming solo tour.

Anselmo serves as video pitchman for his upcoming 'Technicians of Distortion' tour, with a map in the background as he emphasizes the importance of geography and calls out certain cities and venues, citing his history with them. Having already issued the first clip, he's ready to move on with two more promos.

In the second video (seen above), he focuses on the the midwest, while still in his bathrobe. He demands that fans "learn the f---ing songs" since they are easy. In the third promo (seen below), his band, the Illegals, turn up to provide some background and get some face time.

He calls out Montreal and then clears his throat when he talks about Boston and Worcester. He calls his bandmates sweet and cute, which, uh, we'll take his word for! The Illegals engage in an impromptu jam, which is pretty much just some clapping that leads to the creation of a rhythm section of sorts.

'When are you ever going to get a chance to see this mug up close with these a--holes?," Anselmo asks when talking about Clifton Park, N.Y. "Come out to the show, learn the godd--- songs. They're easy. They're easy. Learn 'em."

So there you have it -- Philip driving home the point that the songs are easy. In other words, go learn the words and the grooves, and come prepared to mosh and to sing along. Consider these videos your personal invites. And stick around to the end of the third clip for the beer-celebrating, ending jam session. It's brilliant!

In other Anselmo news, fans planning to attend his Housecore Film Festival this October are in for a treat. He plans to release two songs expressly for that event, telling Billboard, "I know for a fact I do have two songs that I'll release strictly for the upcoming Housecore Horror (film) festival at the end of October in Austin, Texas. Those two songs, I think, musically flow together pretty f---in' well. They're very sarcastic, very tongue-in-cheek."

The tunes are pieces of a whole, with Anselmo finishing, "It's all part of the ol' Philip Anselmo f---ed-up world -- and I don't mean drunk or wasted. I mean just f---in' crazy. It's crazy around here!" We'll take it, so long as it means Philip H. Anselmo remains prolific and is giving us new music.

Watch Philip Anselmo's Technicians of Distortion Tour Promo 3