Unearthed deep from within the vault, Pantera are gracing the metal world with 'Will to Survive,' a never-before-heard demo track from the 'Cowboys from Hell' era. The track, which can be streamed on Pantera's official Facebook page, exemplifies their move from the early power metal days to the riff-crushing Pantera we all know and love. If you ever wondered whether Phil Anselmo could belt a tune, 'Will to Survive' is going to answer that question.

The song marks the upcoming release of the 20th anniversary of 'Cowboys from Hell' (set for rerelease on Sept. 14) and will be included on the 'Ultimate' and 'Deluxe' versions, alongside a host of demo cuts of songs that made their way to the legendary album.

The 'Expanded Edition' won't have any of the session cuts but will include live recordings from the 1990 Foundations Forum metal convention in Los Angeles and the 'Alive and Hostile' EP, which documented the band's performance at Moscow's For Those About to Rock show in 1991.

The packaging will be nothing to scoff at either, including liner notes and essays from the surviving members as well as producer Terry Date. Atco Records A&R rep Mark Ross writes, "The sonic power of it all -- the attitude and the musicianship -- blew me away. Basically, you had to be an idiot to not think they're amazing. I mean, how could you see these guys and not think, holy s---!?"

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