The file on summer 2010 may be closing, but metal and hardcore fans can still rock regardless of the season -- thanks to 'We Know Who You Are,' by the Word Alive. Noisecreep is thrilled to exclusively premiere this brand new track from the band's new album, "Deceiver," which is out today through Fearless Records.

If you like moshing until your eyes roll back in your head, then this dynamic, Bamboozle-friendly tune -- which tosses clean vocals into the mix after pummeling you with its potent mosh factor -- will be your new favorite song.

Listen to 'We Know Who You Are'

"'We Know Who You Are' is basically the track we wrote with the intention of leaving listeners with the impression of what the album was about," vocalist Tyler 'Telle' Smith told Noisecreep. "The lyrics are about seeing someone for who they really are, not believing lies and almost standing against the people like that in your life. It's an anthem which says, 'I've let you do this too many times, and now I'm ready to start my life without any 'Deceivers' in it.'

"Musically this is probably my favorite song, I feel it's the most diverse on the album. We tried to show all of the aspects of our music in this one song and wrote it with the intention of it being the last song on the record. Recording it felt amazing. Seeing this final piece of the puzzle come together really was awesome for us. I think that it came out perfect, and hopefully it can be a staple for fresh starts in people's lives."

The Word Alive's 'Deceiver' is out today on the Fearless label.