The life of a touring musician is an endless series of truck stops, backstage deli trays, autograph sessions and other tons of stuff that the average fan will never truly know. When Noisecreep stopped by the Southern Calif. stop of this year's Rockstar Mayhem Fest, we wanted to know what the bands had on their plates in terms of their scheduling for the next few months. In our third video, it turned out some of these guys weren't really that clear on what they had lined up after summer. Slayer's Tom Araya had a brain fart of epic proportions when we asked him what was next on the band's agenda. Then again, who can blame them? With all of the heavy touring these groups do, it can't be easy keeping up with their cluttered calendars.

That said, a handful of guys let us in on their upcoming plans. George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher from Cannibal Corpse told us he's going fishing after the tour wraps which for anyone familiar with the singer's hobbies, is a change from the usual World of Warcraft marathons he partakes in. The day also gave us a Noisecreep first. While we spoke with Adam Darski, aka Nergal, from Polish heavyweights Behemoth, someone in the background actually flipped us the bird! Make sure you check out our two other video posts to see what else we learned at heavy metal summer camp this year.