Lamb of God

Lamb of God don't harbor any illusions (or delusions) of grandeur or ego, despite having just notched their second Grammy nomination for 'Set to Fail' from last year's 'Wrath.' The Virginia metal titans received their first nod in 2006 for 'Redneck' from 'Sacrament.' Drummer Chris Adler told Noisecreep, "The first nomination was odd, and the second one proves the first one wasn't a fluke. It's weird. Any member of any metal band doesn't aspire to win a Grammy. It's outside of our reality, if you will. In 2006, there were great bands nominated with us: Slipknot, Slayer, Ministry. So someone is paying attention then now, not from when Jethro Tull won."

Even though Tull won their Grammy way back in 1989, people are still referencing that Grammy flub since it was such a misstep! "That was when I knew the Grammys did anything with hard rock, and in an instant, it proved how oblivious they were, so they didn't get cred with metal bands," Adler said about why metal bands haven't viewed the Grammy voters as knowledgeable about the genre.

"Now we are up with Ministry, Slayer, Judas Priest, Megadeth. Someone knows what is going on, for us to be in that company. It is nice to be recognized for your art in any way, by those who are esteemed or established in the music business, but we're not pretending to think it's the be all, end all. It's never been the goal of the band. We're happy about it and I will have a good time at the after party! We went in 2007, and the best part of the whole event was the after arty. We were there with Weird Al, Dave Grohl, Paris Hilton, Smokey Robinson. It's not about if we win or lose! It's about the after party."

Adler did make his prediction on who he thinks (or hopes) will take home the Golden statuette this year, saying, "Judas Priest is a legacy act, but as far as someone who made me want to play heavy metal, it's Megadeth. They've been nominated seven times and have never taken it home. I've toured with Metallica, but the band who defined metal ... was Megadeth. We've toured with them, too, and I sat with Dave Mustaine many times and told him many times how certain I was that I would not do what I am doing now ... without him. He made a difference in my life."

If LOG do happen to upset Megadeth and win, Adler said the first thing he will do is "buy all those other bands a beer and tell them how much they deserve it, too. Then I'll fly home and show my mom! I think the Grammys are our parents' awards show. It'll make them really proud. I don't plan on winning or having a speech, because the bands we're with deserve it. It's funny, since after 16 years together, we're still new kids on the block."