Lamb of God's Chris Adler is keeping busy while the band is enjoying some well-deserved, hard-earned time off. He is spending quality time with his now two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. "She is doing the 'why' thing," Adler told Noisecreep. "You know, 'why this' and 'why that!' It's a very interesting time, and yes, I love it. It's nice to be home and all is well."

Besides being a dad, Adler will stay busy doing drum clinics for about a month, which he is calling a "clinic tour," since "it's not clinical" and he plans to share real-life experience with those who attend his clinic tour.

As for his band, who are on a bit of a break in between album cycles? Adler admitted that Lamb of God are "silent for a moment, purposefully so. We were out for two years and working together for three for 'Wrath.' I think three weeks longest time we were home. We are so fortunate to have opportunities and we stayed very busy, but for the moment, we are going to be quiet as possible."

Don't worry, LOG fans. Being quiet isn't something the band plans to do for an extended period of time. Adler revealed that the band will return to work on stuff in April through the end of the year.

Watch Lamb of God's 'Ruin' Video

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