Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler is headed out on his first-ever, Mapex-sponsored drum clinic tour -- he calls it that because he is not attempting to be overly technical and clinical like some of his peers that run clinics -- on Feb. 27 through March 18. He is traipsing across the country and will interact with fans and talk about the ins and outs of his career as a drummer, instead of attempting to simply teach the attendees how to play or wowing them with his prowess.

The skinsman had previously hesitated doing clinics for many reasons, among them the fact that he is not a teacher and wants anyone who attends his clinics to walk away inspired by -- not astounded by -- his skills.

"I have been to several and they are interesting and educational," Adler told Noisecreep about his experience with clinics. "I have taken inspiration from some of them, but generally, it is usually a hot shot showing off stuff no one else in the room can do and handing out homework to help you be more like them. I don't want to do that. I am not a teacher. I have never taught anyone to play; I couldn't do that if I wanted to."

Adler was asked to conduct clinics for years, but he was admittedly "hesitant and intimidated because I am not a typical drummer. I don't study it. I am trying to get my body to do what I hear in my head, so I came up with this idea to support the shops and endorsers support me. They constantly ask me to do festivals and clinics, and I feel bad saying no.

"So I came up with this idea to play some of the more drum-oriented Lamb of God songs and talk to people there about who I am, how I got to where I am and my experience on and off the kit." Adler's clinics sound like they will strike the perfect balance.

Adler also said his clinics "are a little more casual and interactive than the normal drum clinic" for a reason. Whenever he talks to people at random places, like grocery stores, Adler said they aren't interested in "how to speed up paradiddles, but what was it like when I went to China. It's not road stories, but how did you get on that stage!"

The clinics are meant to be "educational, but not technical," and that's probably while they will be invaluable to those who attend them.

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