Lamb of God have released 'The Making of 'New American Gospel,'' a book about their very first album, which impacted the metal scene all the way back in 2000. LOG have come a long way baby, and drummer Chris Adler decided to document his memories with the book for a simple reason: so he wouldn't forget them.

"I realized that I was beginning to forget, since it had been a long time since that record," Adler told Noisecreep. "I started writing stuff down, and it was for more reasons than 'my grandkids would like to read this.' I pieced it together, wrote the drum tablature myself with a buddy of mine, and it is correct. I also told the story from my point of view of what it was like to make the record."

While a decade has passed since 'New American Gospel' introduced Lamb of God to the scene, Adler's fondest memory from that period was the wonder and the unknown element of it all.

"There was so much uncertainty in what we were doing," Adler recalled. "Everyone had their jobs and this was more than a weekend warrior thing, but it was what we wanted to do. It was unclear if we could do it, but there was the passion, drive and overall locker room mentality."

He continued, "It was the five of us versus the world, and we knew we had to push as hard as we could. It was a moment in time and it was very special, not knowing what might happen. While it is shocking -- what has happened -- I am as surprised as anyone. But at the time, we were fighting everything like the whole system was against us. It was fun to be a part of that, of trying to take on the world."

Watch Lamb of God's 'Ruin' Video

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