For many fans, witnessing In This Moment live is a unique and very visual experience. Frontwoman Maria Brink makes sure that both the entire band and her back-up dancers make for a concert that can re-invent how we perceive a metal show to be. So it comes as no surprise that when Brink recently spoke with Noisecreep, she told us how seeing concerts in her youth affected what fans see now in her performances.

“I did the underground scene growing up," says Brink. "I lived in Albany, New York so I’d go see Stigmata, Hatebreed, Murphy’s Law so I was in that whole scene. There was a girl back then I remember that I was inspired by, a band called Crisis. I was in that sort of world when I first started a band in upstate New York.”

Brink also described a powerful moment and artist that may have inspired her to be a performer and vocalist. “It’s going to be funny but I think it’s Tina Turner," says the frontwoman. "I think this is why I wound up being a singer, my mom worshipped Tina Turner when I was little.”

She added, “My mom took me to all these concerts all the time and I would be in a t-shirt and barefoot, my mom was this hippie and she’d be dancing and smoking joints. Tina Turner was doing a song and I was watching the stage and I looked at my mom and she was crying. My mom was so connected to the show and in such awe and connecting with the music and looking at her.”

According to Brink, seeing such a forceful female performer take command of the stage made an impact. “This woman was onstage and this whole crowd is being moved and it was just so powerful to me as a little girl. I really think that was something that inspired me to do what I do. That was a moment that really struck me deep,” says the singer.

With the massive success of ‘Blood’ and with their headlining HellPop Tour, In This Moment are truly making an impact in today's metal scene.