German politically-minded melodic death metal band Heaven Shall Burn have posted the new track 'The Omen' on their MySpace. The tune begins with a delicate piano intro, then shifts into full kill mode with barked vocals, a throat-slashing rhythm, razor-sharp guitar hooks and beats that vary from mid-paced and syncopated to frantic and rumbling. There's are even some industrial samples and, of course, there's a bone-snapping breakdown.

"It's a song that features all HSB trademarks," guitarist Maik Weichert told Noisecreep. "We wrote it when we were snowed in -- in the studio -- so we were pretty pissed off and in a grim mood. But this songs means a lot to us. I guess you can feel our rage and the statement it carries is very important."

Like many of Heaven Shall Burn's socially relevant songs, 'Omen' questions the public's skewed view of reality and how people would rather turn a blind eye to oppression and ugliness than face the pain that it brings.

"Open your eyes," said Weichert. "The life we live is not the life most people on this planet have to face. How can some journalists ask me in interviews, 'Do you think we can save this world?' For so many people, this world has ended already -- Africa, Southeast Asia and South Africa. There are so many poor countries. That is nothing new, but we just got used to ignorance and hypocrisy."

'Omen' will be on Heaven Shall Burn's sixth album, 'Invictus,' which is scheduled for release on June 8. "There is some exciting new stuff happening on 'Invictus,' Weichert said. "I am positive that we'll have a lot of fun screaming the lyrics together live!"

'Invictus' is the third part of the 'Iconoclast' story, which began with 2008's 'Iconoclast' and continued with the 2009 DVD, 'Bildersturm.' Like its predecessors, 'Invictus' -- the full title of which is 'Invictus (Iconoclast III)' -- will again tell stories about unconventional heroes, while shedding a different light on well-known idols and legends.

Heaven Shall Burn recorded 'Invictus' at Tue Madsen's Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark. Guitarists Weichert and Alexander Dietz produced. Guests on the album include Deadlock's vocalist Sabine Weniger and guitarist Sebastian Reichl on 'Given In Death.' Other tracks include 'Buried In Forgotten Grounds' and 'Return to Sanity.'