German metallers Heaven Shall Burn were a trending topic on Twitter yesterday, and their name incited and confused Christians who thought that the band and their posts were hate tweets against Christianity. Many hardliners expressed their discontent with the band, the name and the notion of, well, heaven burning.

This is a true 21st century case of social media communication breakdown. Or of right wingers not paying attention.

Heaven Shall Burn released a rather sarcastic statement about the Twitter hoopla, saying that they were "happy" someone has finally managed to read between the lines about the band and its message. "Us being into the glorification of violence, destruction of the earth and Satanism has been an open secret. Our videos for 'Combat' and 'Endzeit' speak a very clear language regarding what we are about. Finally our message translated – even to religious fanatics!"

Heaven Shall Burn's 'Invictus' is out now – and no, all proceeds don't go to organizations that support the Devil and his cause.