Noisecreep is proud to premiere Deadlock's 'Falling Skywards,' a track from the German band's fifth album, 'Bizarro World.' "No one is satisfied with his life - everybody is always looking for more," Deadlock bassist John Gahlert told Noisecreep, of the song's lyrics. "Humanity lives in his own world, builds his own tower to stand above all other species, equal to god - trying to reach an utopian perfection."

"It is a lyrical allegory which illustrates that mankind isn't the crown of creation - no matter how high we build or how hard we try."

Throughout the album, the band continues to develop their unusual but appealing take on metal. On its two previous efforts, Deadlock combined deep, guttural screams with pop-tinged vocals that soar above a bedrock of metalcore with elements of gothic and industrial music.

'Bizarro World' is a concept album about a world in which things are mirror-image counterparts to things seen in our own world.

Listen to 'Falling Skyward'

'Bizarro World' comes out in North America on March 15. Deadlock will embark on a European tour in late March to support the new release.