Five Finger Death Punch are doing their best to make sure fans are up to speed by the time that 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 1' arrives in stores. They're doing this via a series of track-by-track webisodes, and this week they're discussing a pair of brutal cuts -- 'Burn MF' and 'I.M. Sin' -- off of their upcoming release.

Guitarist Jason Hook says that 'Burn MF' definitely unleashes the fury. He adds, "I think we've sort of become the ambassadors of anger." Meanwhile, frontman Ivan Moody, who was responsible for the song's lyrical content, recalls, "When I started writing the lyrics I was so fed up. We were about halfway through the album and we had whole bunches of stuff still to do and the stress level just got me and this was just one of those lashings where you rip open your chest and let the monster come out." The fast-paced, hard-driving track with the beg-you-to-sing-along chorus is almost certain to be a live favorite.

As for the other new song the band debuted, 'I.M. Sin' is one of the cuts featuring a special guest. Soulfly's Max Cavalera sits in on the song, and guitarist Zoltan Bathory reveals that he cut his part in Portuguese per the band's instructions. Hook adds that he tracked his guitar just after Moody cut his vocals and he was taken aback at home pummeling the song was. Trying to figure out what he would do, Hook says there's a shred guitar part on the song that he feels is one of the coolest parts of the record.

The latest webisode follows in the footsteps of past offerings that featured 'Lift Me Up' and the title track and 'Watch You Bleed' and 'You.' 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell' is due in stores July 30.