Metallica remain one of the hardest working bands in the business and the metal vets just continue to push the boundaries and seek creative challenges to put forth the best albums possible. It may take longer between records these days, but that's due in part to their dedication to perfection. This Readers Poll reflects on their stellar career and asks you to name your favorite Metallica album.

It all began for Metallica back in 1983 with 'Kill 'Em All,' widely regarded as one of the best metal debut discs in history. Snuffing any talk of a "sophomore slump," the band quickly followed that with the well received 1984 classic 'Ride the Lightning.' Keeping the momentum going, 'Master of Puppets' arrived in 1986 generating some of their biggest successes yet. However, the band would lose bassist Cliff Burton in a fatal bus crash during support of that album. Still, the group rebounded with new bassist Jason Newsted and finished out the decade with '…And Justice for All.'

In the '90s, Metallica broke through commercially to the masses with the 1991 self-titled release, often referred to as the 'Black' album. Taking some time off following the massive touring in support of that disc, the group finally returned in 1996 with 'Load' and a year later with the 'Reload' album. As the 21st century arrived and Newsted exited, the band generated two more discs with varying public perception -- 2003's 'St. Anger' and 2008's 'Death Magnetic.'

So there you have it -- nine great Metallica studio albums. It may be an impossible task given how beloved the band is in the metal genre, but we're asking you to vote for your favorite Metallica album in the Readers Poll below: