Def Leppard have carved out one of the most consistent and solid careers of any hard rock band going. The veteran outfit has released music in five different decades and still pack venues on a regular basis. Given the lengthy career, this Readers Poll asks you, the Def Leppard fans, to tell us which of their tracks is your favorite.

Dating back to the start of their career, we give 'Wasted' and 'Bringin' on the Heartbreak' as options. There's the wealth of tracks from 'Pyromania' -- 'Photograph,' 'Rock of Ages,' 'Foolin',' and 'Too Late for Love' -- that helped put them on the mainstream map.

The monster 'Hysteria' album spawned seven singles, starting with 'Women' and ending with 'Rocket,' that secured their powerhouse status. And they carried things over into the '90s and '00s with such songs as 'Let's Get Rocked,' 'Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion),' 'Two Steps Behind,' 'Promises' and 'Four Letter Word' among others.

Here's your chance to say which song stands above them all in your estimation. Look at the tracks listed and vote for your favorite Def Leppard song in the Readers Poll below: