Many rockers will be taking a break from the norm today to dress up for Halloween. Escape the Fate frontman Craig Mabbitt is one musician who definitely always looks forward to the spookiest day of the year, even though he's had some mixed experiences with costumes along the way.

The vocalist recently told Noisecreep, "I love Halloween, but I was the Grim Reaper for a bunch of years as a kid … but every f---ing year I wanted the skiff, you know the blade. But my dad never got me the damn blade. I was so pissed. You're walking around in the Grim Reaper suit, my face all painted and there was another kid who was the Grim Reaper and he was actually able to reap. Come on dad, how much can a plastic skiff be? … I'm just like a skeleton in a robe. I can't even call my self the Reaper."

Now that he's older, we asked Mabbitt if he's ever gone back to being the Grim Reaper as an adult, skiff included. "I haven't yet. I'm gonna one day, but for the past few years I've just matched with my daughter," says the rocker. "She always wants me to be what she's being, so one year I was Toad and she was Princess Pete and then she was Alice and I was Mad Hatter and she was Catwoman and I was Batman and this past year, have you seen 'Hotel Transylvania'? She loved that so she wanted to be Mavis, Dracula's daughter, and I was Dracula. And this year she is Princess Leia and I just picked up my Jedi robe and her mom's going to be Padme. She's got a dress that Padme wears and I'm going to be Anakin and she's going to be Princess Leia."

Our best to all the rockers out there dressing up either onstage, for a party or taking their own kids trick-or-treating. And yes, there are several rockers who are dressed up year round. Check out a list of those who are always Halloween ready by clicking the button below.