Boo! Did that scare you? Well maybe some of the following rockers will. As we arrive at the spookiest time of the year, this Readers Poll asks you to tell us who is the scariest rock act in hard rock and metal.

We'll start with the original shock rocker, Alice Cooper, who is known for his spooky look and inventive stage show. You could also call upon the next generation shock rocker Marilyn Manson as well. The singer's dark goth look and antics could put a fright into you. Rob Zombie has become a master of horror over the years, and has crafted a deathly image. Who wouldn't find the original Misfits, with the muscle-bound Glenn Danzig and the towering Doyle, quite imposing? And what about the ever horrific Cannibal Corpse? Scary dudes, indeed.

There are numerous masked outfits that are quite frightening. Polish death metallers, Behemoth, with their ghostly white and black leather getup, are rather intense. King Diamond's image, with upside down crosses on his face and blood makeup from his mouth, is frighteningly striking. You could add some of the decrepit looking masked rockers from Slipknot and Mushroomhead. Just look at Slipknot and tell us that you no longer think clowns are creepy. And yes, there's GWAR who are just ready to digest their next prey.

So those are your options. There are some pretty frightening rockers to choose from. Let us know which rock act you feel is the scariest by voting in the Readers Poll below.