The love metalers of HIM are known for their dreamy sounds and darkly romantic lyrics. Even when frontman Ville Valo lets out a curse or two onstage or says he has to take a wiz, it comes off as charming. While talking to him during their last date of their Rock Allegiance tour we were lucky enough to have a sophisticated chat about some of his choice Finnish curse words and phrases.

When we asked Valo to share some favorite derogatory terms, he responded, “It’s tough to say because as you know, it’s the same in English, when you know someone really well you use the worst words you can use and it can still have a sense of affection."

The love metal frontman proceeded to share some examples of this affection: “'You f---ing c---‘ is not necessarily a negative thing but you don’t go and say it to everyone. We call it the 'F--- you' humor in Finnish, the ruder the better amongst friends.”

Valo continues, “The English language, especially the British humor, is funny and the more variety the better. 'F---ing wanker' in Finnish would be 'Vitun Runnkari' is good. It’s something you’d want to use on a first date.”

The singer concludes his lesson on Finnish curses with “Vittu." "It’s somewhere between f--- and a c--- so you can say that whenever like 'Vittu!' as in 'Oh f---!,'" explains Valo. "Vitun Kusipaa means 'F---ing a—hole,' stuff like that. This should get you started.”

Indeed it will. Go here to see where a full list of dates you can catch the love metallers of HIM on tour.