Spending a year on the road is tough for any musician, regardless of age. When you're just out of your teens, an education picked up on the road is indispensable and will undoubtedly prepare you for the rest of your career. That fact isn't lost on Black Tide, who are currently taking a much-needed and well-deserved two-week break from the road. The Florida-based wunderkinds won't be affected by road rust, though; they'll head right back out on the road, including a stint on Warped Tour.

"Touring has taught me to appreciate time with friends and family a little more," says bassist Zakk Sandler to Noisecreep. "It's true what the song says, 'You don't know what you got 'till it's gone'. I understand now why a lot of bands don't tour as much when they get older and why a lot of guys in bands don't have families of their own. It's hard having to say bye to my friends. I couldn't imagine having to say bye to my kids someday and not see them for three months."

Despite such sentiments, Sandler is visibly pumped about putting more miles on their tour bus for Warped Tour. "We're going to play to kids that we have never seen before. We don't straighten our hair or put on eyeliner and I think the kids are going to appreciate something different. On the other hand, they might all hate us and stare at us blankly with their thumbs up their asses. Who knows! It's gonna be another great summer in the sun full of dirty rock' n roll."

'Light From Above' is in stores now, but Black Tide are working on new material. Sandler says. "We definitely have some surprises and it's going to show how we have grown as a band over the last couple of years."