You've seen Godsmack leader Sully Erna and Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor both appearing in music videos, but both frontmen will soon make the jump to acting in films. Erna actually stars in the action horror flick, 'Army of the Damned,' while Taylor just signed on for a role in next year's horror film, 'Fear Clinic.' This Readers Poll asks you which of the two acting roles you're most interested in checking out.

Let's give you a little more background before you make your decision. Erna's lead acting debut finds the singer as a small town cop who gets called out to a domestic disturbance. But when he arrives, things take a turn for the unexpected as he and others fend for their lives. Speaking to Dread Central, Erna stated, "Bridge, who I play, is a lot more serious and intense and takes things a lot more seriously. He's watching over the town his father used to be sheriff in. And then we've got two other knuckleheads that come in and never take anything seriously because nothing ever happens in their town." The film also stars Tony Todd of 'Candyman' fame, Michael Berryman, Joey Fatone and porn star Jasmin St. Claire. It's currently available as a video-on-demand, and will arrive on DVD Jan. 14.

As for Taylor, fans will have to wait a little longer for his movie. 'Fear Clinic' is expected to arrive around Halloween 2014. The film stars Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger from 'A Nighmare on Elm Street' fame) as a doctor who treats patients with crippling phobias, who is called in to speak with survivors of a traumatic experience. Taylor has a guest role as Bauer, an employee of the clinic who struggles to keep things under control when all hell breaks loose. The film also stars Thomas Dekker ('Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'), Kevin Gage ('Heat') and Fiona Dourif ('True Blood') amongst others.

Having read the descriptions of the characters and plot summaries, let us know which rocker's acting role you are most interested in checking out. Vote for Sully Erna or Corey Taylor in the Readers Poll below: