Before there was Behemoth and Decapitated, there was Vader, the first Polish death metal band to achieve worldwide success. Although three quarters of the group is made up of new members, the heart of the band -- frontman Piotr Wiwczarek -- beats as fast and true as ever. The guy has steered Vader since their formation in 1983, and stuck it for nearly a decade before even getting signed. Since then, Vader have put out seven studio albums. And their eighth, 'Necropolis,' comes out on Sept. 22. The reason Wiwczarek has been able to persevere through the decades when no less than 14 band members have quit is simple: He's metal to the core. And you can tell from his random iPod playlist.

"As you can see, most of what I have is metal in its classical way," he tells Noisecreep. "I still have so much fun when listening to what made me a metal freak years ago."

A full 18 of the 20 acts to pop up on his iPod are totally metal. And one of the non-metal artists, Tyler Bates, has scored such bad-ass horror films as 'The Devil's Rejects,' 'Dawn of the Dead (2004)' and 'Slither,' so he's at least metal in spirit. We have no idea what Sade is doing on there.

As for the metal stuff, Slayer takes top billing with three tracks, then Motörhead and Accept tie for second with two songs each. Beyond that, Piotr's got his bases covered: classic metal (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest), thrash (Machine Head, Kreator), grindcore (Terrorizer) and industrial (Rammstein). There's even a Vader song.

Piotr Wiwczarek, here's what your iPod is showing:

1. Kreator - 'Hordes of Chaos'

2. Motorhead - 'Ace of Spades'

3. Iron Maiden - 'Aces High'

4. Vader - 'An Act of Darkness'

5. Slayer - 'Addict'

6. Rammstein - 'Adios'

7. Machine Head - 'Aesthetics of Hate'

8. Samael - 'After the Sepulture'

9. Terrorizer - 'After World Obliteration'

10. Slayer - 'Aggressive Perfector'

11. Tyler Bates - 'The Agoge'

12. Accept - 'Ahead of the Pack'

13. Accept - 'Aiming High'

14. Ozzy Osbourne - 'Alive'

15. Sade - 'All about our Love'

16. Delight - 'All Gone'

17. Primal Fear - 'All for One'

18. Motorhead - 'All Gone to Hell'

19. Judas Priest - 'All Guns Blazing'

20. Slayer - 'Altar of Sacrifice'