It's time once again to test your metal knowledge! In this episode of You Think You Know Metal?, we delve into the career of Opeth and share some facts you may not know about the Swedish progressive metal masters.

Many fans know the origin of the Opeth name, but are you aware of frontman Mikael Akerfeldt's views on the inspiration? Also, you may not know that Akerfeldt was originally asked to play bass in what would become Opeth, but after a band blowup, the early lineup changed in a big way.

Akerfeldt has referred to Opeth's first show as a complete disaster, but problems playing Opeth's songs was only the beginning. However, Opeth grew tremendously since then, landing a record deal in an unusual way. We also go into Opeth's vast discography, pulling out decades worth of facts that may be alien to some fans.

One former Opeth member had not one, but two university degrees to fall back upon, while various other Opeth musicians throughout the years have been depicted in a somewhat macabre fashion on the cover of a certain Opeth recording.

Find out about all the above and more in the Opeth edition of You Think You Know Metal? Also, be sure to check out past episodes below!

Script by Ed Rivadavia and Graham Hartmann; Narration by Full Metal Jackie; Video Editing by Paul Brasil.

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