Like most metal dudes, we here at Noisecreep are secret softies -- crypto-romantic love fools who never stop believing. Each Valentine's Day, we dream a dream we know can never come true. Just once, we'd like to wake up on Feb. 15 to find work cancelled, coffee brewing and our ideal woman -- a stunning vixen with dark hair, dragon tats and eyes bigger and brighter than 22" Zildjian rides -- padding around the apartment in nothing but our Manowar T-shirt. "Leave it," we say in this fantasy, as she cleans the remnants of the previous night's Valentine's feast, folding up the pizza box and arranging the empty Budweiser cans on the counter, building a kind of aluminum temple to our love. "Come back to bed."

This scenario will never play out, but still, we keep the torch burning. In the gallery below, we look longingly at our favorite women in metal: Femme fatales who scare us, titillate us and keep our amorous, if misguided, dream alive. Our aim here is to deify, not objectify. Won't you join us in leaving a sacrifice -- a lamb, a goat, what's left of your dignity -- at the alter of feminine metal mystique?

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