Within Temptation have announced their new album, Resist, which is due for a Dec. 14 release. This will be the longest gap between albums of Within Temptation’s career, primed by a personal crisis of inspiration from frontwoman Sharon den Adel.

This year, den Adel launched a solo project called My Indigo following a string of events leaving her unable to create a new record for Within Temptation. “When I came back from the tour last time, I went to the studio, like I always do when I come back from a tour, and I wanted to write music again, new stuff. And normally I have a lot of energy and a lot of inspiration, but this time it wasn't there; I didn't have it,” the vocalist said in 2017. “And on top of that, I found myself in a bigger crisis than not being able to write songs; something happened in my family. And I felt that I needed more time for everything and to deal with this, so I did.”

This time around, the band chose to focus on a poppy direction, as you can hear above on the fresh track "The Reckoning," but with some dynamics they found lacking in the genre today.

“Sometimes it feels that today’s pop music lacks a rebellious edge,” den Adel tells Metal Hammer. “Our main goal was to collect pieces from sounds we did like then roughen the whole thing up as much as we could, allowing us to shape a new musical world that is heavier, dirtier and more futuristic than we’ve ever created before. Resist is our new take on metal; our way of giving a fresh lease of life to the rebellious edge of modern music.”

Resist will be Within Temptation’s first release via Spinefarm Records. Look out for the band’s first Resist single soon and get ready for the album’s Dec. 14 release.

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