Corey Taylor, as we all know, is one creative dude, not limiting to himself to just music, as naturally as songwriting comes to him. In fact, he's such a swift writer that he claims he can write an album in a day, which is, oddly, a possible reason as to why he's yet to release an acoustic album.

The musician is pulling double duty right now with a summer of Slipknot shows on the horizon while also placing focus on his upcoming sophomore solo album, CMF2, which will be released on an undisclosed date with a late summer/early fall tour also on the books.

The record is expected to be another tour-de-force of musical styles, which will largely be in vein of what fans got to hear on Taylor's first solo album. As a fan of many genres, it's another chance for the musician to explore the depth of his songwriting, which usually begins with an acoustic guitar in hand, he tells Metal Hammer.

“Pretty much everything I write starts out acoustically, even the really heavy, riffy stuff. I know if I can make i sound good on an acoustic, it’ll sound killer on an electric guitar," Taylor affirms.

Throughout the years, Taylor has released acoustic renditions of songs by Stone Sour and his solo project, but fans have yet to hear what his purely acoustic ambitions sound like regarding a full length album of acoustic originals.

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Taylor then argues, "I could write an entire album in a day. I just find it so stupidly inspiring. It’s probably why I haven’t written an entirely acoustic album yet; I could do it so quickly it’s not a challenge."

When asked about if the breadth of styles tackled on his solo albums make it difficult to determine what qualifies as worthy solo material, Taylor explains, “The worry now is, when people hear CMF2 they’re gonna go, ‘Well what isn’t a solo song?’ The breadth of it is so wide now, because we’ve touched on so much shit. There’s super-heavy riffy stuff, hardcore punk, a piano song that could have been on [1987 U2 album] The Joshua Tree – I give no fucks. We’re challenging people – and nobody does that now. Everything’s a fuckin’ dial tone, with the rare exception of, like, 10 percent of bands out there. If you’re not challenging your listeners, you might as well be flipping burgers."

Corey Taylor on Tour

Taylor will embark on a headlining U.S. solo tour from Aug. 25 through Oct. 7. See the upcoming dates here and head to this location to get tickets.

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