If the music business is in as bad a shape as reports indicate, Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale doesn't want to hear about it.

"I don't accept that people don't buy records anymore. I'm a huge iTunes fan," Coverdale told Noisecreep during a recent chat.

"I live up in the mountains of Lake Tahoe and any of the stores that sold records around the area are gone now. So Amazon and iTunes are my environment now. My wife is always concerned because I've had a hand-written note from the people who own Amazon thanking me for my business. I think to myself, 'Wait a second, how much am I spending [laughs]?' But I love buying new music."

Coverdale is currently out on tour with his Whitesnake cohorts supporting 'Forevermore,' their eleventh studio album. The record finds the group returning to a more blues-based hard rock songwriting style, peppered with added elements of funk.

Since he has such an eclectic style palette, Noisecreep asked Coverdale about some of his early music heroes.

"Jimi Hendrix was huge for me. He harnessed all of the elements that I love. I still don't know why he grabbed me by the 'short and curlys' and sent me on this journey. No one else liked him in my area. I remember having to fight people to play 'Are You Experienced?'

I was only 15 years old, but I remember seeing Hendrix live in Newcastle [England] at a place called City Hall. I bought a poster and almost got the s--- kicked out of me! I was so taken by the show that I was hitting the guy in front of me with the rolled up Hendrix poster and he turned around and gave me the stare [laughter]. Luckily for me, he spared my life," remembers Coverdale.

"I also saw a lot of the old pop package tours. I'm talking about shows that included everyone from Hendrix and The Nice to Pink Floyd. Speaking of Floyd, I remember dashing to bathroom at one of their shows and running back right when they came on and just seeing a huge white sheet in front of the stage. They were out of their minds back then [laughter]."

Watch the video for 'Love Will Set You Free'

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