You didn't think we were coming in to work today, did you? Well, while most people are heading to wherever it is they'll be spending the extended holiday weekend, or hitting the grocery store to stock up on meats, vegetable, and Natty Light, we're here, like a loyal dog, bringing you all the latest metal news out there. And today, White Noise ends the week with an M80-like bang. We've got info on some album release dates, some record streams, tour postponements, and heavy metal arrests. Its all here for you on this Friday, July 3. From all of us here at Noisecreep, be safe this weekend, and if you want to avoid a nasty hangover, remember to keep hydrating.

+ If you aren't familiar with Canada's Priestess, you need to pick up their 2006 debut, 'Hello Master.' If you are familiar with them, you're probably wondering what happened to this band, and why they've yet to release album number two. Well, the band has posted an online update, stating that the sophomore LP will be in stores this fall. "And once that happens, we will be touring the living s--- out of it. In the meantime, come out to the shows and hear the new songs the way they're meant to be heard."

+ Evergreen Terrace drummer Kyle Mims was injured in a bike accident this week, and hence, will miss the band's upcoming tour. In a statement, the band said that Mims was "rushed to the emergency room and released late last night full of stitches and a broken clavicle. Unfortunately he will have to have surgery and physical therapy for the next 4 to 8 weeks. So for obvious reasons he will not be with us on our upcoming headlining shows or the Summer Slob tour with the Acacia Strain. Please wish Kyle a quick recovery. He's pretty bummed out. Caleb James, our long time roadie and drummer for Casey Jones, will be taking over drum duties for now."

+ A mystery injury continues to sideline Aerosmith's summer trek with ZZ Top. The band has postponed a second show this Sunday in Virginia Beach, due to an unspecified "artist injury." No word yet on whether tonight's gig in Hershey, Pa., will be happening, and a rescheduled date for Sunday's show will be announced soon.

+ London metal band the Defiled had a run-in with the law during a recent tour through Germany. Bassist Drex Exel explains that the band's van was pulled over twice by police, and that the second time, frontman Stitch D was picked up after cops searched the band's van and "found a few bags of weed plus Stitch's knuckleduster belt-buckle." Police ripped the van apart, looking for more drugs, and "me and Stitch then got dragged off to a cell where they questioned us and filled in a million forms through a translator. Three hours later, we were minus all the money we had made from our previous gigs on the tour to cover the fines we were released back into Germany. Thankfully, no rubber gloves where used in the whole debacle."

+ Deep Purple have been ordered by a Russian court to pay loyalties to themselves. They played a concert back on October 19 in Russian, and now, a court has fined them for "illegally" performing their own songs. The court says the band should have obtained a license from the Russian Authors' Society for the public performance of any of their songs. Strange.

+ Job For a Cowboy's amazing new album, 'Ruination,' is streaming in its entirety. Trust us, you will want to hear this record.

+ Children of Bodom will release a covers album called 'Skeletons In The Closet' this fall. The disc features 15 tracks, including Sepultura's "Mass Hypnosis," Kenny Rogers' "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)," Iron Maiden's "Aces High," Suicidal Tendencies' "War Inside My Head," and Britney Spears' "Ooops!... I Did It Again."

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