Not that this has anything to do with metal or hardcore, but we here at Noisecreep have been watching the events at E3 unfold out west with great anticipation. See, we have a game room here at our disposal (yeah, it pretty much rules), and lately, we've been rocking the revamped 'Punch-Out' for the Wii, which happens to be our favorite system. So, in addition to geekin' out about metal, we also geek on video games. We just think its amusing both Microsoft and Sony have unveiled motion-detecting hardware for their systems this year, in an effort to catch up with the innovation that's made the Wii the market leader in next generation consoles. Oh well, just a little observation we made. Anyways, you're here for metal news, so, let the metal news... begin.

+ Finally, a reason to watch the Tony Awards... maybe. This week, the performers for this forthcoming 63rd annual run of the awards was revealed, and it includes Dolly Parton, Elton John, Liza Minnelli, and, of course, the almighty Poison teaming up with the cast of "Rock Of Ages." The Tony Awards happen June 7, and chances are, we still won't be tuning in.

+ Gwar have set August 18 as the official release date for their upcoming album, 'Lust in Space.' That day will also begin a two-year celebration marking the band's 25 years of constant, bodily fluid-spewing madness. "The event is so colossal that the idea of a more traditional, one-year celebration seemed completely inappropriate," says frontman Oderus Urungus. Gwar also unveiled the art for their forthcoming LP.

+ Thornafire have been forced to pull out of their upcoming U.S. tour with Monstrosity and Torn the F-ck Apart. According to guitarist Victor MacNamara, "delays in the processing of our visa application to enter the U.S.A." have led to the band's decision. "We've done everything in our power and have followed every procedure to make this happen, but the process is very expensive and time-consuming. This matter is out of our hands and we are very disappointed as this was to be our first opportunity to show our madness to the U.S. fans." The band's new album, 'Vorex Deconstrucción,' hits stores next month.

+ The Great American Hardcore Fest has been scheduled for September 18 through September 20 in Boston, and the lineup for this year's event is slowly taking shape. A Loss For Words, The Banner, Converge, Crime In Stereo, Death Before Dishonor, Death Threat, Integrity, and Reign Supreme will all be taking the stage, and its expected that more bands will be added to the bill in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

+ Want to hear Coalesce's first full-length album in a decade? We know you do. Well, while 'Ox' won't be in stores until next week, you can now to listen to the disc in its entirety. And it rules.

+ While unconfirmed, the Dillinger Escape Plan seem to have christened their Season of Mist debut, which they'll start tracking with producer Steve Evetts in late July. It appears the disc will be called 'Option Paralysis,' which, apparently, is the tendency, when given unlimited choices, to make none.

+ The complete track listing for the soundtrack to 'Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen' has been revealed. The disc, which lands in stores June 23, will feature Linkin Park's "New Divide," Green Day's "21 Guns," Nickelback's "Burn It To The Ground," The Used's "Burning Down The House," Theory Of A Deadman's "Not Meant To Be," Staind's "This Is It," and Avenged Sevenfold's "Almost Easy."

+ In addition to playing the Hot Topic Stage on this summer's RockStar Mayhem tour, Behemoth will be playing three dates on the Summer Slaughter Tour, which features Necrophagist, Suffocation, Darkest Hour, Winds Of Plague, and more. The band joins the tour July 5 in Edmonton, Alberta; July 6 in Calgary, Alberta; and July 7 in Spokane, Washington.

+ This is weird. Guitarist Oz Fox, who rocks with Christian hard rockers Stryper, has announced his engagement to Annie Lobért, a 41-year-old former prostitute who founded the international Christian ministry, Hookers for Jesus. Lobért was a girl of ill-repute for 11 years, until her reformation.

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