We here at Noisecreep love heavy metal beef. Whether its Ozzy versus Tony, Slayer versus Metallica, Sharon versus Maiden, Manson versus Borland, or Trent versus everybody, smack-talking is always amusing, but alas, almost never leads to fisticuffs. We suggest a fundraising boxing match, between all of the above (I think Reznor could take on everybody he's ever slammed, all at once... have you checked dude's pipes?), that could be staged on the final day of this summer's RockStar Mayhem Tour, as the main event. What do you think? Are we on to something? Let us know in the comments section below. It's White Noise, and Trent starts picking fights... now.

+ Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor recently took some time out of his busy schedule deriding Chris Cornell to talk with Mojo Magazine, and boy, did he have some choice words for his one-time protégé, Marilyn Manson.

Reznor calls Manson "a malicious guy" who would "step on anybody's face to succeed and cross any line of decency." Ouch. But it didn't end there. "Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he's become a dopey clown. He used to be the smartest guy in the room. And as a fan of his talents, I hope he gets his sh-t together. During the ['Downward Spiral' tour in '94 and '95], we propped them up to get our audience turned on to them and at that time, a lot of the people in my circle were pretty far down the road as alcoholics. Not Manson. His drive for success and self-preservation was so high, he pretended to be f-cked up a lot when he wasn't.

"Things got sh-tty between us and I'm not blameless," Reznor continued. "The majority of it though was coming from a resentful guy who finally got out from under the master's umbrella and was able to stab him in the back." To read more from that interview, check out this article from our good friends at Spinner.

+ If you're a gamer, you know what Project Natal means, and you're fully aware that E3 is going down at the moment, where a ton of awesome video game titles are being announced. On Monday, gamers learned that Jack Black's Brütal Legend game will feature the voice and likeness of Black Sabbath's Ozzy Osbourne, as "The Guardian Of Metal." Not only that, but the game will feature the likes of Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio, Lemmy Kilmister, and Lita Ford.

+ The Esoteric have emerged from their hiatus, and are planning their live return this weekend, in their native Kansas City. The band also hopes to write and record new material for release in early 2010.

+ Dark Funeral will hit the studio on July 10, to commence the recording of their forthcoming album. According to the band, "the new album will definitely be our most varied thus far, perhaps a little bit toned-down compared to its precursor, but still carry on with the same spirit and strength as always. Some of the material will probably come as a surprise, as it's not all typical Dark Funeral style."

+ Last week, we told you that the Dillinger Escape Plan spilt from longtime label home Relapse, and signed with Season of Mist. MetalInsider.net recently caught up with Dillinger's guitarist, Benjamin Weinman, who revealed a DEP iPhone app is on the way. He also discussed the band's new contract. "There are many things about this release that will be very standard of a typical record deal," he says. "The things that are different are what are important. We have been offered record deals, our own labels by major record companies and distributions deals. Every combination of label/ artist relationship has come across my desk at some point since our deal with Relapse expired."

+ More details on former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash's upcoming solo LP have been revealed. Along with guest appearances from Ozzy and Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows, former GN'R guitarist Izzy Stradlin will also be "putting some rhythm guitar on a track; sounds f-cking cool. This should be seriously over the top heavy."

+ The Deciblog has a funny post on a new hoodie they claim is the hoodie to end all hoodies. It is a hoodie, emblazoned with an image of a hoodie.

+ On this summer's Crüe Fest 2, there will be a second stage which will showcase "the next generation of rock," including one local band in each tour market. We know of at least one band who will be on that second stage, headlining in fact, but their management made us promise this weekend we wouldn't divulge that information. This summer's Crüe Fest features, of course, Mötley Crüe, Godsmack, Theory of a Deadman, and Drowning Pool.