The best part of working at this job is bringing you exclusive content. Like yesterday, when we brought you the title track from Devin Townsend Project's forthcoming LP 'Addicted,' something like a month before the record is released. Sadly, we can't share the whole disc with you. But trust us ... it's epic. A strong frontrunner for album of the year (at least on this writer's list), and we can't get enough of it. According to iTunes, we've rocked the disc about 50 times already. It's so damn good. Spin it as much as you want, knowing -- because you can trust us on this -- that the entire record is just as good, if not better than that song. Anyways, go listen to Devin ... after you read the rest of today's news, of course.

+ This is kind of awesome. So, Life of Agony will be performing at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, N.J., on Nov. 28, but the band will be performing its 1993 debut 'River Runs Red' in its entirety. The show will mark the band's 20th birthday. This gig shouldn't be missed.

+ The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that a man, thrown out of a Def Leppard concert back in August was charged Tuesday with arson for allegedly setting fire to dry grass surrounding Utah's USANA Amphitheatre. The 28-year-old man was charged with third-degree felony arson, criminal trespassing, and intoxication. Witnesses told police they watched the man start the fire on a patch of dry hillside.

+ Baroness' second LP, 'Blue Record,' is now streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page. Of course, the disc will be in stores Oct. 13, and follows 2007's critically acclaimed 'The Red Album.' The disc features a dozen tracks, including 'The Sweetest Curse,' 'A Horse Called Golgotha' and 'Blackpowder Orchard.'

+ Someone thinks Alice in Chains' new track 'Your Decision' sounds a lot like Nirvana's 'Polly.' What do you think?

+ Yesterday, we told you how Guns N' Roses has been sued for allegedly borrowing material from a German musician and using it in a song that appeared on last year's 'Chinese Democracy.' If true, imagine how much longer it would have taken Axl Rose to finish the record? Now, GN'R manager Irving Azoff is saying in a statement that "the band believed when the record came out and still believes that there are no unauthorized samples on the track. The snippets of 'ambient noise' in question were provided by a member of the album's production team who has assured us that these few seconds of sound were obtained legitimately. Artists these days can't read the minds of those they collaborate with and therefore are unfortunately vulnerable to claims like this one. While the band resents the implication that they would ever use another artist's work improperly and are assessing possible counterclaims, they are confident this situation will be satisfactorily resolved."

+ We know you love Slipknot. And if you're free Oct. 30, you may be able to see the band live on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' You can get your free tickets by clicking on this link. Visit the special 1iota Event Page and sign up to receive two free tickets to the performance.

+ 3 Inches Of Blood, Saviours and Holy Grail will be touring together next month starting Nov. 13 in Spokane, Wash. Dates are booked through Dec. 2 in Santa Cruz, Calif.

+ Mudvayne's new self-titled album will be in stores Dec. 22. Until then, you can check out a new track from the band, called 'Beautiful and Strange.' Enjoy.

+ Kylesa are working on a "super ultimate limited deluxe mondo bizzaro" version of their latest album 'Static Tensions,' which will drop in late November. The band claims the re-issue will "come housed in a sturdy custom wooden box with the artwork screen-printed onto the cover." A limit of 150 will be made.

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