We've made it to another Friday, and finally, it appears the weather's clearing a bit here in New York. Finally. We're capping off the week with more news from Poison's Bret Michaels, details on some Aerosmith- and Mötley Crüe-related arrests, and of course, the latest tour announcements and new album info. We've also got some "American Idol" news for you this morning... and yes, it has nothing to do with Adam Lambert. It's your White Noise for June 19 - keeping you in the know, as always.

+ According to the Baltimore Sun, the husband of a woman who has been missing since March 2005, after failing to meet friends for a Mötley Crüe show in Washington, has been arrested, and charged with her murder. Dennis Joseph Tetso, 44, was popped at his workplace yesterday afternoon, and will be indicted Monday on first-degree murder charges. You may recall that the Crüe has been raising awareness to this case, even offering a $10,000 reward for information about Tracey Leigh Testo's whereabouts. Her husband has long maintained his innocence, telling police he last saw his wife as she was leaving for the concert.

+ It's been nearly two weeks since a stage prop smashed into Poison's Bret Michaels' face, but it seems the singer's still dealing with the aftereffects. Bret postponed a solo gig which was scheduled for last night in California, because he's still dealing with the trauma of the Tonys incident, says a statement from his camp. "Through Bret's 25 year career, it has been extraordinarily rare and only under extreme conditions that [he] has had to reschedule a performance. He has been shot at, had broken bones, severe lacerations and contusions not to mention crucial high and low blood sugar levels due to his condition as a juvenile diabetic. Yet, [he] has always done his best to make his way to the stage." The statement continues, "the trauma caused by the now infamous accident at the Tony Awards continues to take its toll on [Bret's] throat as well as other physical conditions. Along with all the fans, we at Michaels Entertainment wish Bret the best." The show has been rescheduled for October.

+ Three of the four original members of the band Evanescence - guitarists Ben Moody and John LeCompt, along with drummer Rocky Gray - have reunited with a new singer - that being "American Idol" alum Carly Smithson - to form a new band called The Fallen.

+ Judas Priest's Rob Halford says that the band will be filming all of the shows on its summer tour, celebrating the 30th anniversary of their seminal album 'British Steel,' for a future release. "We'll be recording all these shows and, at some point, we'll bring cameras in and we'll release a wonderful package of the Priest and 'British Steel' next year, which is the official 30th birthday," he told LiveDaily.

+ Summer concerts almost always mean summer arrests. During Aerosmith's recent Mansfield, Massachusetts, show on Tuesday, 16 fans were arrested by police, mostly on alcohol-related offenses. Some of the arrested were as young as 15, and local authorities say they'll refuse to drop any of the charges unless the accused 'fess up about where they got the booze.

+ Wanna hear something new from Arsonists Get All The Girls? Well now you can. The band's streaming a new track, called "Saturnine." The cut comes from the band's upcoming album, 'Portals,' which hits stores July 14.

+ Seattle's own Demon Hunter will play four shows starting in August, under the banner "Huntour 2009." The shows are set for Seattle on August 12; Pomona, Calif., on August 14 and 15; and Anchorage, Alaska, on September 11.

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