Man, last night, the sky over Manhattan was truly metal. Sort of like the cover of an Amon Amarth album, minus the Viking pirates. Violent lightning bolts danced across the heavens, and the stinging rain pounded the pavement, slowly flooding the littered streets. It was awesome, and the rest of the week's forecast calls for similar weather. This week also calls for another Creep Show podcast. That's right; after last week's inaugural run, we'll be back in the AOL studios tomorrow afternoon for round two, and later on today, look for the podcast to make its way onto Noisecreep's main page. For now, we've got all the latest metal news for you in one convenient place. Its White Noise, keeping you in the know.

+ Some sad news to report this morning. Ryan DeZurik, the former frontman for Christian heavy metal bands Against the Tides and Oath By Blood, was killed by an alleged drunk driver on Aug. 16 in Minnesota. He was 19. Timothy Allen Rausch, the driver of the car that killed DeZurik, was charged Monday with criminal vehicular homicide, and remains in county lockup on $100,000 bail.

+ According to reports, Hamilton County Sheriff's deputies arrested three woman during Friday night's Crüe Fest 2 stop in Cincinnati, anchored by Mötley Crüe. The first woman was arrested when she allegedly refused to leave. According to court records, it took several officers to remove the 31-year-old female from the concert. She told police she only consumed one pint of Captain Morgan, and was charged with disorderly conduct while intoxicated. A second woman was collared after running from police. The third woman was charged with assault after punching a venue employee in the right side of her face.

+ Mike Patton's onstage antics are the thing of legend. We're sure you've heard about the L7 tampon incident, and the urine he drank from a woman's pump. But over the weekend, when the reunited Faith No More played a festival in Hungary, Patton swallowed a two-foot shoelace from a shoe tossed onstage. Patton tried to sing with half the shoelace down his throat, but ended up spitting it out and handing it back to the audience. After returning to the stage, Patton commented, "I saw some eyebrows raised during my last stint, but that's my show, and now let's move on."

+ Living Sacrifice will issue their new album, titled 'The Infinite Order,' on Nov. 3. "This new record came together great," says frontman Bruce Fitzhugh. "I could not be more pleased with the final mixes. We dug deep into our thrash roots on this one, I think. The album title refers to God and the universe. Man is finite and limited, our knowledge is limited. Wrestling with the concept of infinity is difficult, but there is true peace in trusting in God."

+ Finally, a rad excuse for missing court. In Canada, a judge was recently asked to adjourn an Aug. 27 trial because one of the defense attorneys in the case had tickets that night for an AC/DC concert. The motion was granted, and the trial was bumped to Dec. 15. "I applaud his candor in admitting the reason for his adjournment application. I disagree with his taste in music, but that's beside the point," the judge later explained.

+ The other day we told you about Cradle of Filth, and how they had to cut their set short Saturday after fans started throwing objects at them onstage. One of them struck guitarist Paul Allender in the back, requiring he seek hospital care. The band has released a statement on the matter. "This person threw what were being sold at the site as 'gobstoppers,' but which were actually heavy, solid, pieces of candy, approximately the size of a cricket ball and weighing close to a pound, at the band," the statement reads. "Approximately six of these were thrown, hit Paul in the spine, causing him to collapse. The paramedics called an ambulance and Paul was taken to hospital with suspected spinal damage; where he was subjected to numerous tests before the doctors said they didn't think Paul had sustained any lasting damage. This act of stupidity caused the show to finish prior to the encore, caused Paul serious pain and everyone else a lot of anxiety. This person is lucky that no one was seriously injured or worse, which could easily have been the case and a serious police matter. Why does someone buy a ticket for a festival where everyone should be enjoying the weekend and having a good time and then have to ruin it for other people? A very selfish, sad person, one can only imagine."

+ The first few dates of Black Dahlia Murder's upcoming headlining run with Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust and Trap Them have been revealed. The band plays Victorville, Calif. on Oct. 14; Columbus, Ohio on Oct. 25; Hartford, Conn. on Nov. 4; Louisville, Ky. on Nov. 8; and on Nov.12, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

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