With a rabid fanbase and glowing support from mags like Kerrang! and Metal Hammer, it was only a matter of time before Sheffield, England's While She Sleeps got their chance at the States. Thanks to Good Fight Music, the bone-crushing and undeniably passionate hardcore outfit are having their debut, 'The North Stands for Nothing,' refitted for US shelves.

"We've been halfway around the world because of something we made on our own in a f---ing cold barn last winter," said guitarist Matt Welsh. "It's amazing. It's f---ing sick."

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With five years behind the band, there was still no proper full-length -- so it was time to get serious. "We all quit our jobs and moved in together and [recorded] an album all by ourselves," explained Welsh, who is also cited as the man behind the boards in the studio.

Once 'The North Stands for Nothing' hit shelves and merch tables a fire was lit that carried across the ocean divide. With countless praise behind the quintet While She Sleeps have only just begun.

'The North Stands for Nothing' will be released digitally on Nov. 22. With no dates set for a US tour, the band will head out on a major UK run with Attack Attack! early next year.

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