Sheffield, England's While She Sleeps are known for a relentless live show, one that is necessitating a demand to come stateside. But as the band has grabbed onto bigger crowds since the release of their full-length debut, 'The North Stands for Nothing,' the band still plays the small venues, like their Glasgow debut at the intimate Creation Studios.

"We love personal shows like this, you can really feel the energy when the crowd are right in your face," drummer Adam Savage told Noisecreep. As you can witness yourself, every single body was moving, screaming along.

"A gig like this shows what the music scene is really about," Guitarist Matt Welsh added. "Such a good vibe and attitude towards metal, hardcore and everyone involved with it."

The song 'Crows' has quickly become a fan favorite that has to be included on every set list. Welsh describes the song as free of filler, presenting everything the band aims to do. "No bulls---," he said. "Just three minutes of fast aggressive music with as much passion as we can put into it."

Welsh admitted the band holds to a fondness for both large- and small-scale shows. "They both have there pros and cons. With a small personal show, we love getting messy and really connecting with the crowd. However, at a large show we can really perform and sound at our full potential due to the space and sound they offer."

But no matter the size of the venue or the crowd, While She Sleep's intense outpouring that comes from being onstage is the same. "We see [playing live] as the only 30 minutes you get a day to clear your head and get away from any troubles or issues you have going on. It's our time to party and release from everything. We hope people enjoy the show and can see how much it all means to us."

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