Should you wear a band shirt if you don't know the band? If you do, you might get exposed!

Now that everything is being recorded on video for our algorithmic overlords, the unhallowed tradition of “name three songs” has been immortalized. An incredible example took place on Watch What Happens Live! when one of the Real Housewives of Whereverthef—k wore a Metallica shirt on live TV. One caller was suspicious she might have been a poser, so they called into a show and asked her to name three Metallica songs. Turns out she couldn’t even name “One.”

If you’re a metalhead who frequents YouTube, you’ve probably seen Jared Dines’ “calling people out on their band shirts” video. The musician and YouTuber took to the streets to give folks the “name three songs” treatment, finding a few posers in the process. So beware, if you see a dude with a microphone and a backwards cap on the street, either check your shirt or run.

Even celebrities aren't safe from being exposed. Both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been given the treatment online for wearing metal shirts, sometimes even by the band members themselves.

Check out these moments when posers were exposed in the Loud List below.

When Posers Get Exposed

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