Sometimes interactions between musicians and fans can get ugly, resulting in an artist threatening to destroy one of their followers.

Sebastian Bach had a good reason to go off on a fan, as the crowd member allegedly pushed or bumped into the singer’s mother. “That's my f—ing mother right there, you jack-off! I'm gonna f—ing beat your f—ing face in,” Bach screamed from the stage. “Don't f— around with my f—ing mother if you f—ing wanna get out of here alive! Don't anybody f—ing touch my f—ing mother or I'll jump right the f— in here! F—ing Google that s—.”

Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme also verbally decimated a fan while performing with a 100+ degree fever. At Norwegian Wood 2008, Homme confronted a fan who apparently threw something at him. “You pussy motherf—ker! I will f—k you up!” Homme yelled. After throwing a water bottle back at the fan, Homme continued, “Go back to your mom’s house you 12-year-old d-ckless f—king turd!”

Unlike the two previously mentioned musicians, Henry Rollins offered a much more tempered, yet incredibly terrifying threat to a fan who threw a pair of shoes. “Sir, later on, if you’d like, you can come and get them back.” Watch Rollins’ full and very calm tirade to the fan below.

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