We Are the Fallen

"Everything that we've brought into the band has our stamp all over it," says We Are the Fallen lead singer Carly Smithson to Noisecreep. "I guess it's like a soup of music. I don't know how to even describe it. There's places where it goes very heavy, very heavy guitar driven, there's places where it's more about [the] story and being very mad about certain times in life. There's places where it goes to love songs. And I've even experimented vocally on this record to where each song takes you to a different place."

As a base comparison, calling the We Are the Fallen debut 'Tear the World Down' a "soup of music" just might be completely accurate. Considering lead singer Smithson comes from a pop background and bassist Marty O'Brien has played with all sorts of metal acts including Static X and Disturbed. Most everyone also knows that We Are the Fallen features Ben Moody, Rocky Gray and John LeCompt from the original Evanescence lineup. All this makes the frontwoman a big believer in fate.

"There's a plan for everybody, and I believe that this our plan," explains Smithson, somewhat tempering her words. "Right now, we're supposed to be in this band with these five people, because I've never been so comfortable. And I think all the band feels the same way ... I've written with many people, all of them very, very talented; very nice. Don't get me wrong, I didn't feel uncomfortable. But I've never felt so that music just like flowed out of me in a situation. But the chemistry between all of us, it's just a perfect and a perfect blend and it created something that I will cherish forever. I am so in love with this record."

'Tear the World Down' will be released May 11 via Universal Republic. We Are the Fallen will play the Download Festival in the U.K. this June.

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