It's been over a decade since the final episode of The Osbournes aired and now the Prince of Darkness has found himself back on television with his son, Jack. Ozzy and Jack's World Detour sees the father-son duo traverse the globe to explore some of history's most exciting events and stories and a trailer has been made available as seen above.

The program will debut on July 27 at 10PM on the History Channel. Ozzy and Jack's World Detour is an hour-long, unscripted program where the father and son investigate famous historical sites like Roswell, N.M. where controversy still rages concerning an alien crash landing in 1947, the presidential monument of Mt. Rushmore, returning to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas and more. In addition to these big name sites, the Osbourne pair also spent time in Cuba and have hit some lesser known sites like a Cold War-era missile silo and a private museum of functioning war machines.

In the trailer, the two detail a bit about their journeys, with Jack leading off that he and his father have not had the chance to travel together other than on tour. Both have a fascination with the past, though Ozzy admittedly isn't as brushed up on history as his son. Talking about Maya and the ancient temples, Jack reveals to Ozzy that the Mayans invented the concept of nothing.

Ozzy had infamously been banned from the Alamo for a decade following drunkenly urinating on the cenotaph while wearing a dress in 1982. In November of last year, the singer returned to the site and delivered an apology while shooting for the program.

The frontman is on tour with Black Sabbath as they continue to wind down their farewell tour, which now has a concrete end slated for Feb. 4, 2017 in their hometown of Birmingham, England.

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