YouTube sensation Rob Scallon has made a name for himself covering songs on a variety of instruments including guitar, sitar, banjo and harp. His latest video is a hilarious and brilliant take on Slayer’s 1986 classic “Piece by Piece.” Watch the clip in the player above.

The video begins with a peaceful Sunday ukulele group finishing an uplifting ditty before the host introduces the bright-eyed Sarah Longfield and brooding Rob Scallon to the group. After the introductions, Longfield brandishes a knife, shocking the other members of the group, and cuts into a tray of brownies offering up the goodies to the ukulele players.

The duo launch into a brilliant cover of Slayer’s “Piece by Piece” off their Reign in Blood album. Longfield lends her vocals on the cover staring into the camera and belting out “Modulistic terror/A Vast Sadistic feast/The only way to exit/Is going piece by piece.”

Needless to say their version of “Piece by Piece” doesn’t please the group as they cower to the back of the room. Keep a close eye on the video to see some bloody images interspersed towards the end of the song. The clip ends with the duo about to launch into another cover to the dismay of the ukulele group.

This is not the first time Scallon and Longfeld have teamed up to cover Slayer on ukuleles. Two years ago they covered “Payback,” off God Hates Us All.

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