Theatrical metal group In This Moment announced their new upcoming album Mother earlier this year. While the band hasn't given a concrete date or officially released a new song, they've been playing one new track called "Legacy" at a few of their shows this month.

"It's a very special song to us," frontwoman Maria Brink told the crowd in Dothan, Ala. before breaking into the new track. "It's about all of our close and very dear loved ones who have passed on to the next realm. This is a recent thing for us, and it's still very raw and very real. All of these people were in the military, and, to us, it's something that's very sacred and very special."

According to their previous set lists, the group debuted the song live for the first time on Sept. 4 in Raleigh, N.C. Watch a video of the performance below.

Brink discussed the themes on and inspirations behind Mother a few months ago on Loudwire Nights, sharing that it includes "four jaw-dropping" guest vocalists. Guitarist Chris Howorth also added that the new album will be their heaviest since 2012's Blood.

In This Moment are currently playing headlining shows and will soon join Disturbed for part of their Evolution tour. See the dates here.

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