To celebrate Behemoth’s new album, I Loved You at Your Darkest, frontman Nergal decided to dig through some YouTube comments from the “God = Dog” and “Bartzabel” music videos. Nergal praised his actual fans when encountering their comments, saving his disdain for the whiny haters.

One comment reads, “Yo Nergal, Papa Emeritus wants the outfit back,” referring to Nergal’s Pope-like hat in “Bartzabel.” “From a good source, I know that the new outfits for Ghost’s sessions and videos and touring cycle cost $100,000. Our costs maybe $1,000 tops, so wrong one this time,” the frontman says before tossing the comment over his shoulder.

Replying with some positivity to a viewer, Nergal loved the comment, “Saying that God is equal to dogs is an insult to dogs.” Behemoth’s mainman declared this as the top comment, asking if there was an award he could bestow.

Finally, Nergal tackled a simple piece of text, “BEHEMOTH = POSERS.” “Opinions are like assholes, right? Everyone has his own. And ‘Death Trvcker 666 PL’… is that your birth name? You have your right for that opinion. You don’t know us, apparently, but I’ve gotta respect it,” Nergal says before flipping the double bird.

Watch Nergal respond to YouTube comments above and click here for Loudwire’s album review for I Loved You at Your Darkest.

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