Warbeast vocalist Bruce Corbitt has been through an emotional rollercoaster over this past year as he's fought to win his battle with esophageal cancer. Earlier this year, Corbitt issued an update in which he stated that he had come to terms with there not being a chance in his cancer battle, though he vowed to continue to fight. But in February, there was a ray of hope with the singer being accepted for a clinical trial. Now, in a recent update, Corbitt says he's had a "miracle" with the treatment starting to show marked improvement.

"I can't believe it, I'm in shock, I just got some of the best news. I mean, after all these chemo sessions and bloodwork, I've never had such improvement in just two weeks on my own... my body doing this on its own with no help. All my white blood cells, platelets, everything has all shot up back to normal. We can't believe it, we're in shock," says Corbitt in the video above.

He adds, "They also got me approved to get the shot to make sure they stay up. So I'm good to go now. Things are back to normal, my body restored itself, I've got the shot to help me fight, to keep it up there and there's no stopping me now. We know something's going on; we're beating this cancer, because it wouldn't go up that fast on its own without the shots. It's a miracle and I'm going to take it just as that."

The singer later concludes in the video update, "I'm about as happy as I can be right now. I'm anxious to do chemo, and who says that?! But as soon as we get this chemo, the more we're kicking this cancer's ass."

Corbitt was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in May 2017 and managed to play one final show with his band before treatment began. A fundraising site was set up around the time of the start of Corbitt's treatment to help offset the medical costs.

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