Earlier this week, the folks at MetalSucks.net announced that they would be holding The Metal Suckfest, a two-day concert event on November 4th and 5th in New York City.

So far the only bands announced include headliners Municipal Waste and Cynic. An additional 18 artists will also be performing at the event, but a list of names has not been released yet. Noisecreep is beyond excited for the shows and caught up with our old friend Vince Neilstein from MetalSucks.net for a quick chat about the festival.

A 2-day concert sounds like one massive headache. How much work and time did you put into this before it was finalized?

I had the idea for a two-day event called The Metal Suckfest while I was at a concert last December -- stoned, of course. On January 3rd, the first day back to work after the "winter recess" the industry usually takes between Christmas and New Year's, I called Live Nation to start getting the gears in motion. That is literally how long this has taken -- January 3rd until now, probably hundreds of phone calls and emails -- and the work is far from done!

If the event goes off nicely, would you be open to make it a yearly thing?

Absolutely -- that's always been the goal. We hope to make this bigger and bigger each year, hosting it in larger venues, possibly with multiple stages, and maybe even bi-coastal; knock on wood.

There's a niche to be filled in terms of metal festivals in the US; Europe's really got us beat. There are some fantastic destination metal festivals here, but it felt like they were either limited in scope, only fit a certain aesthetic, or were for the most part a combination of touring packages that were already out. We're trying to put together truly unique here that reflects our diverse tastes across the metal spectrum, similar to the European festivals. We're a long way from approaching what the promoters of Wacken, Hellfest, etc. are doing, but we hope to get there eventually.

If Axl [Rosenberg, co-founder of MetalSucks] gets drunk enough he just might show you his Zakk Wylde impression.

Watch 'Wrong Answer' from Municipal Waste

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