Sex sells, but it doesn't sell itself. Even strip clubs need commercials, and as such, Vince Neil has filmed an ad for his brand-new Las Vegas nudie bar, Girls Girls Girls. In the short clip (below), the Motley Crue frontman explains what sets his gentleman's establishment apart from the other 9 million in town.

"The only music you're gonna hear here is total rock 'n' roll," he says.

When he announced the venture last month, Neil talked up the rock vibe, and sure enough, the ladies who surround him in the commercial are of the tatted-up, metal-vixen variety. They look like women who'd hang out with Motley Crue, although it turns out they don't have the same acting chops as, say, Pamela Anderson, Heather Locklear or Donna D'Errico -- all of whom have dated and/or married group members.

"Vince, oh Vince, we're ready for our audition," three of the girls say, not at all convincingly.

"Ooh, looks like I've got to go back to work," he responds, flashing a grin that says, "Say what you will, but I have my own strip club." Point taken.

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