Things tend to work out for Vince Neil. The rocker said something to that effect in Motley Crue's legendary episode of Vh1's Behind the Music, and over the weekend, the rocker once again showed his resiliency, rebounding from what might have been an embarrassing stage fall.

The tumble came came as Neil performed "Girls Girls Girls" at his so-named brand-new Las Vegas strip club. The 51-year-old misjudged a jump from the stage to a platform, and though he took a spill, he made it look like a planned move, shimmying to the front of the stage and carousing with a pack of ladies vying for his attention.

It's a classic lemons-to-lemonade moment. Check out the video below and feel the inspiration -- or just laugh your ass off.

Watch Vince Neil's Onstage Fall

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