Regrets? Vince Neil has had a few -- but then again, too few to mention. Maybe that's why he feels such a connection with "My Way" singer Frank Sinatra. Filming a recent episode of the Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures," the Mötley Crüe frontman apparently helped summon the crooner from beyond the grave.

"We experienced unexplained, first-hand encounters, including scratch marks on one woman's back, cold sensations, voices and knocking," Neil told the Las Vegas Sun.

The rocker joined poker player Jamie Hold and Bruce Westcott -- a former piano player for Sinatra -- at the Riviera Hotel, one of the Rat Packer's favorite hangouts. The three threw a paranormal party that evidently made a believer of Vince.

"[Producers] Zak, Nick and Aaron documented the multiple EVPs (Electronic voice phenomena) and unexplained events," he said. "But when we went into Room 908, we really had the shocking, overwhelming physical experience of our lives."

That's quite a claim, since when Neil speaks of "overwhelming physical experiences" in Las Vegas, they involve strip clubs.

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