A venue handed out pieces of paper that said "No moshing" at a recent hardcore show, and the internet has had some things to say about it.

Lambgoat shared two photos of the notes on Twitter that were provided by Pennsylvania hardcore band One Step Closer. One side of the paper simply reads, "No moshing," while the other says, "Please do not mosh, spin, surf, or dance in a way that disturbs other people's experience. Failure to comply may result in ejection from the show. Thank you for your cooperation."

Someone from One Step Closer's Twitter account shared Lambgoat's post and wrote, "Crazy piece of paper I received tonight." While they didn't explicitly state whether the notes were handed out at their own show, other Twitter users pointed out that the venue in question was The Rave, which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Setlist.fm states that One Step Closer performed at The Rave last night (May 4), which is when the post was shared.

The Rave's website has their house policies listed on their website, and "No moshing, crowd surfing or stage diving" is listed under the "Prohibited Items" section.

Moshing has been a part of concert culture, especially in heavy music, for decades. And while it makes sense that venues don't want their customers to have a negative experience, a lot of people on Twitter seem to think that the request is absurd.

"Personally if someone hands me a no moshing card i’m punching them in the face idgaf," one person wrote.

Someone else pointed out that they've seen "No stage-diving" signs, but never anything about moshing. Another individual asserted that they would ask for a refund if they were given such a note.

See some of the other responses below.

Moshing has been quite a hot and apparently controversial topic lately. Last week, a situation went viral where an individual wrote a comment on one of Trophy Eyes' Instagram posts complaining about the moshing that went on during their performance.

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"First time I ever heard of you guys was the concert in Atlanta tonight and the lead singer kept encouraging mosh pits and crowd surfing, which made the majority of us, who were there for Against the Current, feel very unsafe and have to go to the sidelines, which is not fair because we were there before your crazy fans," the person wrote [via Lambgoat]. "I almost had a panic attack. I didn't even get the chance to find out if I liked your songs because I had to keep worrying about getting kicked in the head."

Trophy Eyes responded with a simple, "Fuck you," and the comment section became a war zone. See the post here to read the exchange for yourself.

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