As Underoath showed last year with their Observatory livestream, they're not content to just provide what's been done. So it should come as no surprise the group is once again pushing the boundaries of musical presentation, announcing their upcoming Digital Ghost cinematic concert experience.

For the show, the band will perform their entire new Voyeurist album in full through a special concert event in coordination with Moment House. But the Dec. 3 show is being billed as "a communal moment" built around the band's music that audiences have not heard before. A trailer for Underoath's Voyeurist: Digital Ghost concert can be viewed toward the bottom of this post.

Guitarist Tim McTague says, "When we started conceptualizing the Voyeurist event, we knew that we wanted to do something different than a traditional livestream. We have done three of them and, coming back a year after Observatory, we knew we didn’t want to just repeat the cycle. One of the biggest goals was the idea of blending narrative with the visuals. Threading the needle on a live performance while adding in cinematic elements was a big part of Digital Ghost."

He adds, "The goal of Observatory was never to re-create a static live performance, and I think Digital Ghost is an extension of that thought. In the end, Digital Ghost is an attempt to push boundaries as a band and set a new bar for what virtual live experiences can be. With everything we do, there is a lot of risk and some lofty goals. It’s pretty special to conceptualize these projects and then watch them form in real time, especially when you have a finite amount of time and resources."

Arjun Mehta, co-founder and CEO of Moment House, added, "We're thrilled to partner with Underoath for their Digital Ghost cinematic concert ahead of the release of their new album, The band have masterfully embraced this powerful new medium and we can’t wait to help bring their remarkable creative vision to life with their fans around the world."

Underoath, Voyeurist: Digital Ghost Trailer

Tickets for Underoath's Voyeurist: Digital Ghost concert are currently available for purchase through Moment House's website. There are bundle options that include special merchandise to go along with the concert ticket as well. Plus you can pre-order the Voyeurist album on CD and vinyl.

Moment House
Moment House

The Voyeurist album is due Jan. 14 and has already yielded the songs "Damn Excuses," "Hallelujah," "Pneumonia" and "Cycle." Pre-orders are available here.

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