As the Twisted Sister song says, "We're Not Gonna Take It," and Dee Snider is living up to that musical statement after KISS' Paul Stanley took a jab at him for criticizing the KISS lineup.

The drama all started when Snider appeared on Eddie Trunk's show and the discussion turned to the topic of KISS. The Twisted Sister rocker criticized KISS continuing to use the same makeup, characters and moves after the exits of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss and added that he felt that it was an insult to the fans.

When asked about Snider's comments by Talk Is Jericho host Chris Jericho, Paul Stanley responded with an attack on the Twisted Sister leader, claiming that his comments were a plea for attention, calling Snider a "wannabe" and stating that his band was "a bunch of buffoons." After composing his thoughts, Snider offered his response in an online posting that can be read below.

A letter to Paul Stanley of Kiss in response to comments about Twisted Sister and myself he made on a recent Chris Jericho podcast.
Dear Paul, September 9th, 2015
First off, thanks for giving me the attention I—as you noted-- so desperately wanted.
Now, I’ve always had nothing but respect for your band, and you as a performer, but it really comes as no surprise that the feeling isn’t mutual. For some reason you are oddly threatened by me. This said, your recent comments about my band and I on Chris Jericho’s podcast was a typical diversionary tactic used in an attempt to change the subject, rather than answer the actual accusation or question. It’s the oldest interviewing trick in the book.
As far as my “whole band being a bunch of buffoons” goes, that’s a pretty ironic statement coming from you. The argument could easily be made that Kiss is the “king of the buffoons”, so in an odd way you’ve paid Twisted Sister quite a compliment. It takes one to know one.
Lastly, on the subject of me being a “wannabe”? Do you really think so? Well then…any time, any stage. But let’s do this old school –no costumes, no pyro, no bullshit – let’s just get up there and rock. I will bury you, son.
Sincerely, the attention getting, wannabe, lead buffoon of Twisted Sister,
Dee Snider
PS: Did I mention that I’m clean, sober, razor sharp and fully capable of defending myself from any kind of lame attack? Just ask Al Gore.

Consider the gauntlet thrown. Will Stanley respond or did he say all that needed to be said during his appearance on Talk Is Jericho? Stay tuned.

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