Tunnel"It's very incestuous," says Tunnel guitarist David Henzerling of the music business. "The difference between then and now is that in the old days, it was very competitive -- go behind the person's back, everyone is an enemy, keep cards close to the vest. Now, everyone is about making sure everyone stays friends. If I hear of a guy who I think would be good for somebody, I'll always pass that along. It's all just peace and love these days."

It was out of that "peace and love" attitude that Tunnel was born. Henzerling's main band these days is Big C---. He's also played in Keel, King Kobra, Lizzy Borden and Icon. All along the way, those bands led to new friends, relationships and contacts. Fast forward to 2009, and Henzerling reunited with singer Scott Hammons. The two knew each other while they were labelmates on Capitol Records back in the '80s. Now together in Tunnel, Henzerling says the two just clicked.

"We put the thing together over a few months and it just turned out really great. We just continue to get together every week and we keep writing songs," Henzerling explains.

While Big C--- is both in-your-face and irreverent, Tunnel is more classic rock. Think hard-driving '70s and you've got it. The band's self-titled debut was released just last month. The debut features drum work by Ryan Hoyle of Collective Soul.

Recording the Tunnel debut was very much a DIY effort, and that's great in Henzerling's book. "There's not a ton of cash, so its a good thing. Gone are the days where you get $250,000 to do a record. A lot of smaller, independent labels ... the most a band is probably going to get is $25,000. But you can make a record for a lot less. I think that's good. There was too much bloat in the system anyway."

Henzerling released 'Tunnel' via his own Driver Wild Records. Look for the band to play select shows soon.

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